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Lauren Allender

B. HSc. (Hom.), MAHA, AROH Reg'd

A caring and experienced homeopath, Lauren specialises in treating babies, children and teenagers. As a family homeopath, Lauren also treats adults and the elderly.

Lauren, a trained registered nurse, first discovered the incredible benefits of homeopathy when her infant son developed eczema and rapidly recovered after homeopathic treatment. From that powerful introduction, Lauren decided to obtain a tertiary Bachelor of Health Science degree in Homeopathy from Australian College of Natural Medicine. 

Lauren is a professional member of the Australian Homeopathic Association. Her skills and qualifications are also recognised by the Australian Homeopathic Registration Board.

Lauren's consultations are conducted at:

BOTANICA MEDICINES, 228 Glenferrie Road, Malvern

Fridays 10 - 7

Please call 9576-3077 for an appointment, or for further enquiries

1 hour initial consultations - $120    

1/2 hour follow-up consultations - $75

Lauren Allender Homeopath B,HSc.Hom, MAHA, AROH Registered

The natural health choice for you and your family.

NOW AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATIONS VIA SKYPE.  Appointment times by email request


Have you visited a doctor but your child is still unwell? A homeopath could help. Many parents use homeopathy to complement their children's health program.
Because it works.  And parents find they achieve long lasting health benefits for their children. Repeated ear infections, irritating coughs that just won't resolve are managed effectively with homeopathy.

Homeopathy and mainstream medicine are different
Before treatment, unlike a doctor. your homeopath must know who your child is.
Understanding their personality, past illnesses, inherited genetics and more helps your homeopath prescribe the right individually chosen medicine.

Homeopathy is effective and safe for babies and children
Did you know homeopathic medicine gently stimulates your child's natural healing ability?
Homeopathy can be helpful for these conditions and more:
# Sleep disorders
# Molluscum
# Impetigo
# Eczema
# Colic
# Earache and tonsilitis
# Coughs and colds
# Learning challenges such as ADHD and ASD
# Tantrums and hyperactivity
# Behavioral problems
# Anxiety
# Teething
# Worms and parasites
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