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Homeopathy has so much to offer you for your emotional healing.

Perhaps you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Do you experience mood swings?

Are you considered to be oversensitive?

Homeopaths may consider prescribing Ignatia for these types of symptoms.

You may like to read about it here.

We may also consider prescribing Pulsatilla for your emotions when you feel like crying with anxiety. When you are timid and easily influenced by others. When your emotions are changeable and you love to be consoled with a hug.

Another much prescribed homeopathic medicine for emotions is Gelsemium when we feel anxious before an event like public speaking. You know that feeling when you tremble and feel so vulnerable?

This is just a tiny taste of what's available to assist you. It's best if you consult a qualified homeopath to prescribe for you.

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