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We happened upon Lauren Allender in a chance meeting.

For those people who dismiss co-incidence in favour of other life perspectives, Lauren Allender turned out to be the catalyst we needed, when we met her.  Since this meeting, Lauren has been at the centre of the care and resultant well being of our entire family.

I attest to my experience of Lauren Allender and her homeopathic interventions from an overly grounded and practical view of life. Initially, I harboured some doubt that the homeopathic interventions Lauren described would indeed achieve what she stated.

It took one week to see startling results. Laurens remedies provided the impact exactly as she described them. I became open and willing to follow her recommendations for further interventions. The ongoing adaption of her treatments worked beyond any of our expectations.

Due to the success of the homeopathic treatments with one of our children, we accepted that homeopathy could help in many areas where we needed help and in areas where we would have possibly turned to traditional medicine and other interventions for our other children.

Some 2 years later, our family now consults with Lauren in determining what homeopathic help is available before we even consider turning to other traditional methods.

Lauren Allender's background and deep insight into traditional treatments reassures me of her personal capability in the field of personal care and well being using alternative interventions.

I have referred many people to Lauren and will continue to do so due to the indebtedness I feel towards he

Peter R Singer (Accredited Mediator and parent of three)


I started using homeopathy during my pregnancy and was really amazed at how effective and gentle it was.
 During pregnancy my hayfever/dust allergy was the worst it had ever been, and it remarkably cleared completely with Lauren's homeopathic treatment which has never happened in the past.

I also was feeling overwhelmed and emotional at times and I noticed after a few weeks I was dealing with situations with more patience and I wasn't feeling such intense emotions.
  During my labour I had a birth kit prepared, I experienced some intense neck stiffness during the labour and used the homeopathics suggested and it relaxed the area so I could go deeper into 'the zone' that was needed. As I had a homebirth and knew I wouldn't be using drugs that were optional in hospital for pain relief, the birth kit felt like a safety net for me emotionally and physically. I had a really amazing and beautiful birth experience and believe that the homeopathic treatment was one of the components to making this possible.
  Postnatally the homeopathic treatment has helped both myself and my baby girl with issues such as nappy rash. I will continue to utilize this form of treatment for myself and my family. 

N.M ( mother of two and yoga teacher)
















My son and I have been seeing Lauren for over a year now and have greatly benefited by her homeopathic treatments.  Lauren is a professional and has helped my family through some very difficult times.  The treatments are very subtle but also extremely effective and are really easy to administer, especially for young children.   Lauren has always been available to help me when I have been stressed about things in my life.  My son loves coming to see Lauren too as she is wonderful with children.  I am always recommending her to family and friends.


 As a mother of two and a Kinesiologist I have found Laurens homeopathic treatment a great addition to our health care. It has been very successful in treating my children for sleep issues when nothing else has worked. Weve also used homeopathy for teething, colic and related digestive disorders. Homeopathy has given me a range of basic remedies at hand for common everyday ailments. Lauren has also assisted us with remedies for travelling overseas with young children. Homeopathy is a great and gentle way of supporting your family.























Through a recommendation, my two children and I consulted Lauren Allender during a very emotional and challenging time. Lauren conducted a thorough examination by investigative questioning and analysis resulting in a recommended course of homeopathic medicines to support our healing process.

My 8 year old daughter and I were empowered to select our own Australian Bush Flower remedies through picture cards. I have seen a noticeable difference in both my children and their healing. One child refers to the homeopathic medicine as happy drops.

Laurens warm and caring nature showed empathy, professionalism and commitment to her clients well being. Her practice compliments other forms of natural remedies and healing modalities and I highly recommend Lauren to anyone seeking an holistic form of healing in these challenging times.

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