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I've turned to the beautiful healing modality of homeopathy many times in many places throughout my life, and of all the professional homeopaths I've worked with, Lauren is by far my chosen Australian healer in homeopathics.

Lauren is a classical homeopath and has a background in nursing. She is warmly compassionate and is a natural and intuitive healer. Although she claims to primarily specialise in working with babies and young people, her work with core emotional patterning in adults is sensitive and deeply insightful. In working with Lauren, I was truly amazed to feel the depth of healing available in her perfectly chosen remedies. Old wounds and patterns were brought to the fore, very simply healed, and seemed to vanish. 
J.C. Spiritual Counsellor


Currently, I’m on an amazing journey of personal growth and am exploring better health options for myself. I now realise there’s more to my body, mind and spirit than orthodox medicine can address and that’s where homeopathic medicine fits in for me. Lauren’s overriding intuition and wealth of homeopathic knowledge has positively impacted my state of health. Lauren has helped me move towards a stronger, balanced level of energy that supports me as a whole. If you’ve tried other therapies and are in need of a new perspective, give Lauren a call. Like me, you might be surprised by the results.
S.C. (Scientist)

 Thank you Lauren for the great support you've given me over the past 8 months in our homeopathy sessions together.  I've found that the medicines you've prescribed have resonated with me on a deep level and this has been enhanced by the discussions we have had during our sessions.  Your ability to ask the right questions and extract what ever information you've require to understand me so very well has also allowed me to ponder things I may not otherwise have thought relevant or given much consideration to - so I've benefitted on more levels that I could ever have expected.  As you are aware, there has been much change in the direction of my life this year and homeopathy has been a wonderful support, as have you and the healing space you create for your clients.  Being a natural therapies practitioner myself I will have no hesitation in referring clients in need of your services as I know they will be in the hands of a knowledgeable professional and will receive all the follow up and attention that their individual case may require.
 V.F. Reiki & NLP practitioner, Food Coach


After meeting Lauren, I am a complete homeopathic convert, so much so I am in fact a homeopathic student myself now.

 I would say that a great percentage of what made me commit me to the study is the results I have received with Laurens prescribing.  She has a very unique style, which is quite different to anything I have experienced from any health care professional.  Her layer by layer approach with a constant focus on who you are, completely transcends that usual what you have.

 I know from my studies that this is the cornerstone of all holistic medicine, however I feel that Lauren effortlessly applies an innate aspect to her approach.

Both my sister and I have agreed that Laurens sensitivity and genuine compassion for her patients sets up a safe environment where one is able to really open up not just to her, but to oneself.  Unlike so many health care professionals I have come across (both holistic and allopathic), I have never once felt judged by Lauren nor have I ever come out of her consulting room scared, intimidated or confused rather a feeling of being heard, understood and cared about.  This is why I believe that the vast majority of healing is done in her consulting room, and the rest seems to be taken care of by the chosen homeopathic remedy. 

Clara B.  (Homeopathic Student, Endeavour College)


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