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Imagine a gentle, natural and fast way to treat your children.


Visited a doctor but your child is still unwell?

We often see children who have medical treatment that doesn't fully resolve the health issue and this is where homeopathy assists you and your family.

We love our GP's and  we regularly send babies and children to have their ears and chests checked.

Once we know the diagnosis we complete the process to wellness with homeopathy and nutrition (if required)

Many parents use homeopathy to complement their children’s health program.

Did you know homeopathy gently stimulates your child’s natural healing ability?

These effective medicines support the developing immune system and shorten the time your little one is unwell.

Lauren is a caring and experienced family homeopath. She specialises in treating children and babies. As a family homeopath, she also treats adults and the elderly.


Homeopathy and mainstream medicine are different
Before treatment, unlike a doctor, your homeopath must know who your child is.
Understanding their personality, past illness, inherited genetics and more, helps your homeopath prescribe the right medicine.

Homeopathy is effective and safe for babies and children

Helpful for



coughs, colds,

ear infections,



behavioural problems such as autism,

learning challenges such as ADHD, tantrums and hyperactivity.



Homeoprophylaxis is also available to strengthen your child’s ability to ward off common childhood diseases.


Not just for the little ones


Great for teenagers

Effective for treating skin conditions, acne, warts,

period pain,

cystitis, candida infection,

glandular fever,

irritable bowel syndrome,

hay fever and sinusitis.

Stress, anxiety and depression respond well to homeopathy.

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